About the Journal

The Annals of Social and Behavioural Sciences Journal (ASBSJ) is an interdisciplinary journal whose principal goal is to publish insightful and game-changing scholarly work in the social and behavioural sciences. It is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal for publishing influential and original contributions. ASBS Journal is concerned with all aspects of social and behavioural science and is intended to provide a platform for the exchange of the latest research and best practice in the covered disciplines. It seeks to meet the needs of a wide and discerning audience such as social scientists, behavioural scientists, executives and advisors, and undergraduate and postgraduate students in the fields covered. ASBS Journal is multi disciplinary in scope and interdisciplinary in content. The Journal welcomes scholarly manuscripts that address, but are not limited to the following disciplines of social and behavioural sciences, along with their subdisciplines:
1. Art and Design
2. Business Sciences
3. Culture and Heritage
4. Development Studies
5. Natural Resources Conservation
6. Social Ecology
7. Tourism and Hospitality, and any other related areas
8. Health Sciences and Technology